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With 130+ Years of Experience, Waiting Makes No Sense.
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Our Mission

To value, inspire and recognize the continuing worth, productivity and vitality of the Baby Xers – the Baby Boomers and Generation Xers.

A recognized void exists now. We are an entertainment company managed by people who fit this demographic and who are committed to providing content and a platform for this under-represented, high wealth market or will utilize the talent of this demographic in our projects.. No other entertainment company has this as their sole focus. We think experience does matter, and between us, we have 130+ years in entertainment, business and law.

our mission statement

“But my sense in talking to people when I travel is that the film business is not that dissimalr from a lot of other businesses.”

Steven Soderbergh

Producer, Director, Cinematographer

What We Do

Think Pixar in reverse. We make movies and tv shows geared towards our under-represented market, or utilize the talents of Baby Xers in our projects.

Any good idea has to become an idea first. Our slate of movies and shows is always being added to and refreshed as new ideas are picked up.
From production of a proof of concept to an entire feature film, our strategy will vary depending on the project and the medium.
As an idea gains traction our creative team of Baby Xers will finalize logistical details in partnership with any co-production entities or the networks.
The final step in any of our projects, whether film or TV, is distribution; whether that be in theaters, a streaming service or on a cable network

130+ Years of Experience Doesn't Lie

Seriously, who would know our market better than us? We will produce commercially viable and profit generating projects with Baby Xers in mind – such as in themes, actors, directors, writers and the like– but with cross-over appeal.

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