The Second Wave Entertainment Team

The Management Team

Marilyn Gill
SVP Development
Harrison Lebowitz
Rona Edwards
SVP Production
Debra Dilger
SVP or Marketing and Brand Partnerships
T Smith III
SVP of Comedy Development

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of T Smith III. T was an amazing member of our team and will be sorely missed. As a founding member of this team we keep him on our website's team page as a thank you for helping start up something amazing.

Our Mission Statement:

To value, inspire and recognize the continuing worth, productivity and vitality of the Baby Xers – the Baby Boomers and Generation Xers – by creating and providing for them quality entertainment that can be equally enjoyed by all or by utilizing their talents in our projects.

Advertisers have long considered 18 – 34 year-olds the coveted demographic, the rationale being that they can convert these individuals into brands, products and services they’ll use for the rest of their lives. We love the opportunity provided by this way of thinking. Baby Boomers (ages 54 – 72) are 17 times wealthier than Millennials (ages 21- 37). In fact, in 2030, when the last Boomer will have turned 66, Boomers will still control 45 percent of household wealth in the United States. Perhaps this is why a recent article began, “Hey advertisers! Take a break from fixating on Millennials and check this out: Baby Boomers and their elders are making up an outsize share of consumer spending. The trend has significant implications not only for the biggest brands that are missing out on a lucrative audience but for an economy that continues to trudge along at a modest pace.” None of this changes in comparing Generation X to Millennials.Research shows that while Millennials will experience the fastest growth rate of net wealth, their share of national household wealth will remain below 20 percent by 2030. This is because Generation X’s share (ages 38 – 53), despite being a smaller pool, will grow from 14 to nearly 31 percent during this same time frame. So, while luxury marketers are all about the Millennials, Gen X is a luxury marketer’s dream: affluent (even those who do not categorize as affluent are doing better than their baby boomer counterparts), willing to spend on travel for pleasure and on luxury products, loyal to their brands, health conscious, highly educated, consumers of both traditional media and the Internet and, most importantly, wielding considerable influence on both millennial and boomer generations.

This same trend continues when this group is viewed as consumers of entertainment. Boomers are not only TV’s largest audience, they’re also quick to shift and adapt to new technology, with internet-connected tv watching, devise usage and streaming growing among this group by 45 percent in 2017. It also turns out that 40% of Generation Xers watch more hours of television a day compared to Millennials with 78% of them watching most of their “television” on NetFlix versus live television.

Similarly, in 2014, the number of frequent moviegoers in the U.S./Canada significantly rose among people aged 60 and over, from 3.8 million to 5.3 million, representing a 39.5 percent increase over the previous year while that figure remained unchanged or declined among 18- to 24-year-olds and 25- to 39-year-olds, the largest frequent cinema-going age groups. The number of Generation X moviegoers based on tickets sold also rose significantly during this time period and, in fact, was at an all-time high. And yet, as noted in the New York Times, “Hollywood, slower than almost any other industry to market to baby boomers, may be getting a glimpse of its graying future.”

So, waiting makes no sense. A recognized void exists now. We are an entertainment company managed by people who fit this demographic and who are committed to providing content and a platform for this under-represented, high wealth market. No other entertainment company has this, or the utilization of the talents of this demographic, as their sole focus. We think experience does matter, and between us, we have 130+ years in entertainment, business and law. Seriously, who would know our market better than us? In large part, we will produce commercially viable and profit generating projects with these generations in mind but with cross-over appeal. With regards to these projects think Pixar in reverse … where we make movies and t.v./streaming shows geared towards this under-represented, high wealth market that younger audiences will enjoy too. While other projects may not be specifically geared towards Baby Xers, all of our projects will have Baby Xers intimately involved in some aspects of all of our projects.

Our Strategic Partners

Sam Sokolow - Chairman of Nice Media Studios
Two-time Emmy nominated Producer Sam Sokolow is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Nice Media Studios, a Los Angeles, New York and Toronto based film and television production company. With 17 years in TV production and 30+ pilots under his belt, Sam leads the Nice Media Studios Production Team. Sam has a history of delivering successful productions and has produced 14 full series – with over 200 episodes.

FilmPool Inc.
Former Major League Baseball player Kenny Lofton and Actor Brenton Early established FilmPool, a full-service production company. Kenny and Brenton found success early as their first feature film “The Fix” won the Audience Award at ABFF (American Black Film Fesitval) in 2016. In the summer 2017 “The Fix” was released on UMC (Urban Movie Channel). It is still one of their most popular films in rotation. Their next film “My First Miracle” was awareded the highly acclaimed DOVE raiting.

What We Do

Think Pixar in reverse. We make movies and tv shows geared towards our under-represented market, or utilize the talents of Baby Xers in our projects.

Any good idea has to become an idea first. Our slate of movies and shows is always being added to and refreshed as new ideas are picked up.
From production of a proof of concept to an entire feature film, our strategy will vary depending on the project and the medium.
As an idea gains traction our creative team of Baby Xers will finalize logistical details in partnership with any co-production entities or the networks.
The final step in any of our projects, whether film or TV, is distribution; whether that be in theaters, a streaming service or on a cable network